Steven Brown - Hardware Design

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Steven is a senior in the Electrical Engineering program from Omaha, Nebraska His career goals include surviving the AI uprising and having his consciousness uploaded into a cold robotic body of his own design His hobbies include auto and motorcycle maintenance, 3d printing and designing his own (better) versions of consumer electronics.

Robert "RJ" Duvall- Web Development

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RJ is a senior in Computer Engineering from Independence, Missouri. His career goal is to become a Web Developer for Rooster Teeth down in Austin, Texas. His hobbies include playing videos game and making them, cuddling his dog, and relax in bed.

Brendan Finan - Mobile Development

Brendan is a senior in the Computer Engineering program from Knoxville, Iowa. His career goal is to use natural-language processing for computer-generated humor. His hobbies include running, lifting weights, cooking spicy food, and Television and Film. He has a Chess ELO of 900(!).

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Sam Johnson - Big Data

Sam is a senior in Computer Engineering from Des Moines, Iowa. His career goal is to work in bioinformatics to help computer illiterate scientists interpret data and build genomic models. After this he intends to pursue a career as a trophy husband. In his free time Sam enjoys weightlifting, hiking, and taekwondo. He is also in year 2025 as a manager of a team in NCAA Football 2013

Colin McAllister - Embedded Systems

Colin is a senior pursuing a bachelors of science in Computer Engineering and is expected to graduate in December 2018. Originally from Rochester, NY, Colin grew up across the United States and even Scotland before spending most of his time growing up in Iowa City, Iowa. When he's not in front of a computer screen, Colin enjoys being outside to enjoy nature and avoid technology.

Nicholas Pecka - Networking

Nicholas is a senior in the Computer Engineering program from Fort Dodge, Iowa. His career goal is to obtain his PhD in Cyber Security and run his own Cyber Security company. His hobbies include 3D printing, playing video games, playing magic the gathering, and working on various random projects.